Ekdesh Synagogue in Brest

Screening of ‘The Rescuers’

The Ekdesh synagogue was built before the First World War (in 1884) as a synagogue attached to the Jewish hospital. After World War I and until the beginning of World War II, the synagogue with a 400-seat hall belonged to the Jewish community. During the Soviet time the building housed the town club. In August 2021 it was purchased by the Jewish community. Most of the funds for the purchase of the synagogue were donated by the Chabad Lubavitch Foundation from New York. The rest of the funds were raised through crowdfunding in just two days. Since 15 August 2022, the Jewish community of Brest has been able to pray in the ancient synagogue again.



Сінагога Экдэш, 52, вуліца Савецкіх Пагранічнікаў, Цэнтр, Ленінскі раён, Brest, Brest Region, 224030, Belarus