Memorial plaque erected on the site of the former Great Choral Synagogue; Brest, 1851-1939

Screening of ‘The Rescuers’

Construction of the synagogue began in 1851 and was completed in 1862. It was built with money from the town's Jewish community. In 1895 the building was badly damaged by a fire, but the synagogue was rebuilt in 1896. The synagogue existed in this appearance until 1939.During the war, the Nazis used the synagogue as a storehouse for goods and furniture stolen from Jews. After the town was liberated, the building housed the town club, and in 1946 the cinema "Belarus" was opened. In 2018, a plaque appeared on the building in Russian, Belarusian, English and Hebrew, mentioning the cinema's original history



Belarus, 62, Советская улица, Центр, Ленинский район, Brest, Brest Region, 224030, Belarus